Must Eats at Tokyo Disneyland

Boy has it been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m finally compiling all my travels from the past year to share for you guys! One thing I just couldn’t get over is how unbelievable the food and snacks were at Tokyo Disneyland. Definitely the most unique and fun of all the Disney Parks. If you are planning on going to Tokyo Disneyland and could care less about the food options, I’M GOING TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. HERE WE GO.

Unique Flavored Popcorn

Surprisingly one of the most popular selections is their popcorn! It is not the basic butter and caramel corn. No no no. They have flavors like soy sauce, strawberry, black pepper, shrimp and garlic, and milk chocolate! My ultimate fav was STRAWBERRY. Tasted like the strawberry milk I used to drink as a kid!

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Little Green Men Mochi

These were the #1 thing on my original must eat list! The flavors are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. They’re found at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. You’ve got a friend in me if you buy me some of these.

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Mickey Shaped Churro

Ok, yes California does have the best tasting churro in all the Disney-verse, but is it the cutest? NOPE. Take a look at the churros in Tokyo! It takes on the silhouette of our favorite mouse!


Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

This place is an homage to none other than the Queen of Hearts! The theming of this place is amazing! Heart shaped everything! We had the heart shaped meat patty and cake! I adored the atmosphere and the food lived up to the hype. 



Donald Duck Butt Ice Cream

Yes, you heard that right! Donald’s butt has been getting a lot of attention lately. (I’ve been needing to get my hands on those Donald Butt Ears). The presentation is so adorable I could not resist! It doesn’t have a mild-blowing flavor, but it does the trick to satisfy your sweet tooth! This was found at Ice Cream Cones at the World Bazaar.


Vending Machines

Alright so I cheated a little. These aren’t a “must-eat”, but they’re definitely a must see! One of my favorite things about Tokyo was their vending machines. (Weird I know). Just look at this thing! Everywhere you go the vending machines change with the vibe of the area you are in. I literally wanted to take a picture of every single one I saw on my trip.


Great American Waffle Company

Who travels all the way to Tokyo, Japan for a waffle? Am I right? We couldn’t pass this up. While you wait in line you’re able to watch them make all the delicious waffles! I got the strawberry custard waffle! The smell alone was a huge attraction to this place! 

IMG_1417 2

Donald Duck Shrimp Bun

This shrimp bun gets the award for being cute WHILE STILL being tasty! I love the detailing this park puts into their packaging. Probably one of the longest lines I had to wait in was for this bun. It was WELL worth the wait! It is located next to Aquatopia which was my favorite attraction at Tokyo Disney Sea. 


Chandu Chicken Curry

Here is another treat that delivered on its packaging. Sometimes you forget you’re about to eat something savory with the playfulness of the packaging. I made sure to try all their steamed buns throughout the park since it is not something you normally find in the states. I basically love anything with carbs and meat, so I was sold! You can find it at the Agrabah Marketplace at Disney Sea!

IMG_1135 2

I went to Tokyo Disneyland back in November and I’m already having cravings for more! Have you gone more recently? What new things does this foodie have to put on her list for her next trip?

xoxo Cassie

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