Let’s Go to Shanghai!

I know what you’re thinking. Did you really go ALLL the way to Shanghai, China just to visit Disneyland Shanghai? Well, your answer would be “possibly ;)”. There is so much to see in Shanghai, that we squeezed every ounce of this beautiful city as much as we could in 4 days (with 2 extra days for travel). I guess you could say this is a guide on “How to do as Much as you Can in Shanghai with the Few Days you Got Off at Work.” Now let’s begin.

Being a flight attendant, I couldn’t not get a flight deck picture on one of the last 747 planes to fly with my airline.


Day 1:

The first hotel we checked into was the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao. Just your average hotel from the outside. Go to the top floor and it’s a whole different story. They have a GLASS BOTTOM POOL. I was not prepared. I now have a new irrational fear of the glass breaking and being sucked into the hole. If you can get over that fear, you’ll enjoy the views from above and below. Pardon our swim caps that were necessary to enter the pool.

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Day 2:

First impression, FUTURISTIC. I can’t get over that cityscape.

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(I need to learn to take my rubber band off my wrists for photos)

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I’ve been wanting to try steamed buns for the longest time and am so glad I waited to go to China to get the full experience. We decided on Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant. Here you can either get them at the to go window downstairs (long line) or go upstairs for table service.

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In the midst of Pixar Fest at Disneyland, it is only appropriate that we stayed at the Toy Story Hotel.

IMG_8173All the colored walls around the lobby of the hotel made for MAJOR Insta-moments.



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I still think about the breakfast buffet at this hotel.

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Why I wake up in the morning. THE FOOD. Here is a little glimpse of the snacks Shanghai Disneyland has to offer.

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No big deal, but a whole un-birthday celebration was set up just for me. Thanks Mad Hatter.

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Must do at Shanghai Disneyland: Adventure Isle. 

This is probably the most unique attraction in the whole park! You get suited up and go on an exciting adventure through rocks, waterfalls, and heights! Disney was a little daring with this attraction. Cameras/phones were not allowed, but Bobby’s parents snuck in a few pictures.

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Their Pirate’s of the Caribbean attraction is unlike anything I’ve ever been on. It can’t really be described. You must experience it in real life. I used to work the ride at Disneyland so it really has a special spot in my heart, but not going to lie this puts Disneyland’s ride to SHAME. Side note: Bobby bought the Jack Sparrow hat and everyone was staring and taking pics of him! Pretty sure they thought he was the actual Jack Sparrow. I can’t complain about that.

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Work it Bobby.
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Ambiance was even better at night. Tron Lightcycle Power Run at night is unreal and everything we hoped it would be.

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Well there you go. Our “Visit every Disneyland Park in the World” bucket list is almost finished. Just 2 more parks to go. Till next time!

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– Cassie

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